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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Planet Antares Scam Alert Identifies Vending Scam Pitfalls

Vending is undoubtedly a very easy to operate and profitable business. However a lot of hype is being created about the returns one can make from this business. The profit margins are no doubt high but they are not static and keep varying from one product to another. There is no hard and fast rule that everyone who takes up vending business becomes successful in it.

You would definitely succeed as long as you do not get carried away by the words of scammers. Yes, the major challenge faced by this industry is from vending scammers. But how can you make out is the seller is a genuine person or not? This is definitely a tricky question to answer as it is not mentioned anywhere whether the person you are transacting with is a fraud or not. You only learn from your experiences. However, by taking few precautions as suggested by Planet Antares Scam Alert, you can avoid these scams to a great extent.

To begin with, never arrive at any conclusions without conducting thorough market research. Gather information about the company, its previous history, various products and services offered by it and most importantly the quality of services rendered. This information would definitely aid you when making crucial decisions.

Do not buy vending machines and products online. Even if you have to make an online purchase, try to consult people who have been purchasing products online. Since the product you are about to purchase would cost you quite a decent amount, you need to be very careful in your approach.

In case you are browsing the net and have arrived at the site of a company offering vending machines and other products that meet your requirement, do take time to go through it. Read the testimonials mentioned in it. Instead personally try to collect feedback from users who have already been using the vending machine you are about to purchase.

These simple moves by Planet Antares are sure to help you avoid vending scam pitfalls.


Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Planet Antares Scam Alert On How Entrepreneurs Fall Into Vending Scams.

Scams are being reported in all kinds of businesses and vending has been no exception to this. Although the popularity of vending business is spread far and wide across the globe, fear of falling prey to vending scams is equally noticed. In fact, this fear is preventing a lot of young and upcoming vending operators to take up this business.

Why are people so worried about these scams? Why can’t we identify them in advance? Well scam companies flourish like any other companies and hence they cannot be distinguished easily. These companies make use of the weaknesses of buyers and try to encash it. Planet Antares Inc, the leaders in vending machine manufacturing has issued a Planet Antares Scam Alert for new entrepreneurs and vending customers. Under this initiative, Planet Antares is educating people on how they can identify fraudsters and can prevent falling prey to them.

Although scams have been occurring previously, their number has drastically increased in the past few years. Wondering why? Increase in number of people hankering after easy money is the first and foremost reason for increasing scams. Modern operators perceive vending to be a shortcut for instant success and to achieve this they are in quest for new methods.

“Becoming rich within no time with minimum investment”, I am sure most of us must have come across these kinds of ads. These ads are designed targeting young entrepreneurs who are eager to make their career and become popular and successful in no time. They are also very concerned about every single penny they invest. All these factors are taken advantage of scammers while designing schemes or ads for duping people.

Making you believe that you would be saving a lot of money by purchasing their low priced products, they tend to sell low quality and fraudulent vending machines. This has become a very common practise, mostly adopted by refurbished vending machine companies, and it is only after purchase that operators realise their mistake. These kinds of machines are inefficient and tend to break down frequently thus affecting the business and revenue of operator.

Another popular vending machine scam is the one which takes place online. A lot of second grade companies have created their fake websites on the net. The content and presentation of these sites is so attractive that no one can resist themselves from visiting it. Once you reach the site you are convinced in all possible ways and thus forced to purchase the product or service offered by them. However, the products offered by them are of very low quality and sometimes they do not even dispatch the product you have purchased. While at other times they dispatch a defective piece or disappear after collecting money from several customers.

Planet Antares suggests that the only way in which operators can prevent themselves from these kinds of scams is by adopting cautious and strategic approach. Planet Antares Scam Alert has helped many vending operators to get into the business safely. Remember - starting the vending business on the right note can ensure you make good profits out of it.


Thursday, April 08, 2010

How Can You Become A Successful Planet Antares Vending Operator

Even though it has been stated several times earlier that vending is one of the easiest business models, not everyone who takes up this business is successful. However, this has not stopped new operators from trying out their luck by establishing their own vending machines.

As more and more number of operators have started taking up this business, it has resulted in cut throat competition in this industry. Only those operators who have able to understand customer pulse and offer products accordingly have been able to withstand this competition while others are washed away.

Vending operator can taste success as long as he remembers the following aspects:

• Quality: Modern customers are quality conscious. They are ready to spend more amounts but are unwilling to compromise on the product quality. Ensure that you stock your machine with best quality products.

• Customer service: Vending is a customer oriented business. You exist as long as you are able to satisfy your customer. Once your customer is upset with the kind of service he receives, he will never visit you and at the same time stop others from visiting you. Word of mouth plays a key role in this industry.

• Maintenance: Good looking machines can attract customers. Ensure your Planet Antares machine is clean, regularly serviced and is in proper working condition. In case of breakdown, try to resolve the issue at the earliest. One sec of time wasted leads to break in your revenue.

• Advertising strategies: Use advertising strategies like special gifts and coupons. These not only draw customers towards you but also advertise the products you sell.

• Inventory: Ensure you machine has sufficient inventory stock in it. Make sure no customer returns empty handed after visiting your machine due to lack of stock.

• Latest products: Customers like to try out new products that have been introduced in the market. Try to introduce such products in your machine. If their demand fades, you can replace them with your previous products

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Planet Antares Vending Machine Business- Popular Business Choice

Several business models have come and most of them faded with time. Vending is perhaps the only business that has tasted success, success and only success. Since its induction there was no looking back for this industry. What makes this business so popular?

• Ease of operation: Anyone irrespective of your educational qualification or professional background can start a vending business.

• Investment: Initial cost of investment for establishing this business is also very low when compared to most other business models.

• High profit margins: The profit margins in this business are very high. However they vary from one product to another.

• Quick service: Convenience, instant services are the two machine features that have made these machines popular across the globe.

• Recession proof: Vending is perhaps the only business model that has remained least affected by recession or other economic slowdowns.

• Instant cash flow: This is one of the very few businesses that allow you to reap returns right from the time you install your machine and fill it with sufficient amount of stock.

• Cash flow: There are very few other business opportunities that are all cash. Since vending is a hundred percent cash business, you need not worry about bad debts or other collection issues.

• 24/7 Services: There are no set working hours in vending business. Your machines would be every ready to cater to the needs of its customers round the clock all 365 days.

• Tax exemption: Tax exemption is applicable to vending business also. If you fall in the 20%-30% tax bracket, then you have great chances of increasing your profits.

• Planet Antares business has allowed several operators to enjoy complete financial freedom and allows you to have complete control over your money and future.

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Monday, March 08, 2010

Glass Front Vending Machine from Planet Antares Ideal for Vending Business

Becoming a part of this billion dollar industry has always been the dream of several young and upcoming entrepreneurs. In fact many have succeeded in realising their goal. Vending is one of the simplest forms of business hence can be taken up by almost anyone and everyone. This has resulted in increasing competition in vending industry. To withstand this competition and create a unique identity for themselves, operators have been trying out their luck by using various models of vending machines.

Since the inception of vending industry several models of vending machines have been developed and introduced in to the market. Drop shelf vendors were the first machines that were used to dispense single products. Technological advancement has lead to the introduction of electronic drop shelf machine and glass front machines. But only a few have been successful in satisfying both customers and vending operators. Glass front vending machine is one among them. What is that makes this model of vending machines so popular?

• Glass front vending machines from Planet Antares are capable of generating more sales when compared to closed ones. The main reason being, customers can view the products they are about to purchase. This can stimulate impulsive buying.

• Glass front machines come with attractive features like LED illuminated motor, pull forward trays and refrigeration units.

• These machines are capable of selling more products in smaller shelf space when compared to the traditional drop shelf machines.

• There is more scope for customer interaction in glass front vending machine when compared to closed ones.

• Glass front vending machines come with advanced technology like electronic tracking. This prevents unnecessary wastage of stock.

• Customers have a wide variety of items to choose from.

• Glass front vending machines are best suited for vending branded products.

All these benefits are luring more and more operators towards glass front vending machines.

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Three Important Factors Influencing Success Of Vending Business

In order to stay on top, vending operators need to out beat competitors. There are several factors that spell difference between success and failure in a vending business. A business will exist as long as it is able to benefit both the parties involved in it (operator and customer) else business would not survive.

Before starting a vending business you need to consider three important factors that include the following:

• Location: Location is one of the four P’s of marketing mix. Purchasing a quality vending machine is essential for successfully running your vending business. However, selecting best location is vital for this business. Choice of location should be such that it is easily accessible to all customers otherwise there is no use of that location.

• Positioning: Once you have chosen a location for your vending machine, the next step is to decide its position in the premises. You are selling a product and so when you are placing it, it should be located in such a place where everyone can easily locate the machine. The position of your vending machine no doubt depends on the kind of place you have installed your machine. If you are catering to needs of offices, pantry or lunch rooms would be a perfect choice.

• Stylish and good looking: Performance of your vending machine is also dependent on its looks. This factor is ignored by most buyers while purchasing new machines. If you are targeting children, then they would be more attracted towards vending machines that have graphics or animated pictures. Looks of vending machine can create impulsive buying amongst customers. Thus your sales and overall profitability can be increased. Planet Antares machines are designed keeping in mind style and robustness and probably can be your best choice.

Due priority should be given to these three factors if you would like to make your business a big success.

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Why Vending Business is most preferred business.

Many businesses have been established and most of them have been washed away by the huge tides of recession. Vending is perhaps the only business that has remained unaffected by recession or other economic fluctuations. Besides this, the initial capital required for establishing a vending machine is minimal when compared to most other business models. All these make vending very popular among the business world.

There are several benefits that are enjoyed by any operator who takes up this business. Some of them have been mentioned below:
  • Vending business has high profit margins: The products that are dispensed in this machine are priced high thus operators retain a huge margin.
  • Vending business is not a seasonal business. The demand for the products vended in this machine is almost static, thereby giving its operator a regular flow of income.
  • This is a 100% cash business. Therefore there is no risk of bad debts and collection issues.
  • There are no fixed working hours and you can run your machines round the clock 24/7.
  • You need not take up this business on a full time basis. You can continue with your main job and take up this business on a part time basis.
  • You need not appoint sales personnel as vending machines takes care of all your sales.
  • Like other businesses you can enjoy tax benefits even in vending business.
  • Except for regular maintenance and repair costs, operator does not incur any major overhead costs.
  • This is perhaps the only business that gives you instant returns.
  • This business gives you a lot of financial independence.
Vending machines business is perfect choice when it comes to offering instant and convenient services to customers. Since its inception this industry has been skyrocketing and has been able to provide employment opportunities to several young and enthusiastic individuals.

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